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Radiculopathy treatment in Dr. Phillips

The vertebral column or otherwise the spine is a susceptible part of the human body. Something as peculiar as a fall or sustained poor posture could trigger it, causing the nerve to get trapped in the neck (from the spinal cord) and produce a painful pinched feeling known as radiculopathy.  Radiculopathy is a condition caused by cervical damage; it manifests spreading down from the neck to the shoulder, continuing further down to the arm, forearm, and finally reaching the hand. This distressing symptom can be very upsetting, demanding immediate therapy to ease and relieve acute soreness. Dr. Phillips pain clinic is one of the leading practices in Orlando offering radiculopathy treatment. The practice located in Dr. Phillips will introduce the patient to the latest and most innovative trends available to neglect chronic pain and move forward to a happier and healthier lifestyle.



The Importance of a Good Diagnostic

The clinic in Dr. Phillips uses a remarkable evaluation program to assess the severity of the injury, causing the pain.


Typically, radiculopathy could be caused by:


  • Disc herniation.
  • Bone spur.
  • Fracture.
  • Degeneration of the discs or the spine.
  • Poor posture.


The chronicity of the case will be carefully defined using a diagnosis system of the highest quality, consisting of a specific set of tests: lab, MRI, and special tests.


The diagnosis will enable the prescription of the pivotal treatment required to overcome the painful condition. To do so, the specialist will consider the complete spectrum of choices available to guarantee the correct selection.



What Kind of Therapy is Involved in Radiculopathy Treatment?

The therapies available to treat radiculopathy might vary, depending on the severity of the case the patient is facing. Generally speaking, some activities involve guided stretching exercises (physical therapy), rest, anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxation medication, steroids, cervical collars, and hot and cold compresses, among others.


Chronic cases could require surgery; it’s up to the treating specialist to establish whether or not this scenario applies to you. 


To fully recovery the patient must commit with discipline, making the effort to invest time and dedication for the success of the treatment. This is the only way to achieve the ultimate healing goal. Otherwise, the condition is akin to repeat itself shortly after.



How Can Radiculopathy Be Prevented?

The recommended activities to prevent radiculopathy are:


  • Stay active, and exercise often; stretching, weight lifting, and practicing sports are suggested.
  • Keep your body weight in order, in alliance with your gender, age, and height.
  • Sustain a good posture.
  • Use ergonomic furniture at work and home.
  • Incorporate active pauses in your daily routine; these are recommended every other hour.
  • Get relaxation massages.
  • Enlist acupuncture sessions; these are renown as vital for pain relief.
  • Apply ointments or muscle relaxation creams.



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