Could Stem Cell Therapy Be Useful For COVID Trials? Find Out Here

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There has been a lot of controversy surrounding stem cells and their uses in clinical trials. Most people would agree that it’s a necessity, now more than ever, to use stem cells in COVID trials. It can be a hot topic using stem cells for both ethical and religious reasons, but with growing research that animal testing isn’t as effective as we previously thought, there are limited resources in finding out more ways to treat diseases and viruses. And with everyone seeking a cure for COVID-19 and finally getting back to “normal”, a lot of research has been done using stem cell therapy and the outlook is very positive.


What Have the Studies Shown?

At the beginning of this year, a study in New York used mesenchymal stem cells in treating COVID-19 positive patients. The twelve patients, severely ill and on ventilators, were given two infusions of the stem cells to help control their hyperactive immune systems. The results were that 83% of the patients survived, which received a green light from the FDA to further explore clinical trials with stem cell therapy on a higher population of COVID positive patients. 


Furthermore, other studies have shown at least 85% effectiveness in treating COVID using these mesenchymal stem cells. Researchers from a Shanghai University treated seven patients currently battling COVID-19, and all of the patients within two days were experiencing improvement. After only ten days of this treatment, three of the patients were discharged. 


Stem Cell Therapy Aiding in COVID Side Effects 

Most people by now know of the side effects related to COVID-19; they can be severe to hardly showing any symptoms at all. Early side effects include coughing, fever, and shortness of breath. For some patients, the virus entering their lungs can cause severe inflammation. The inflammation, caused by small proteins called cytokines, usually signals to the immune cells that there is a disease which needs to be destroyed. These cytokines can overreact, however, and start going after healthy tissues, attacking the lungs so severely it can cause holes in the delicate lung membranes. 


With coronavirus appearing to be both a respiratory and vascular infection, treating this virus will involve fighting off the infection along with helping to control the immune response of the body, and help in repairing damaged tissue. Mesenchymal stem cells have been showing that they protect almost any kind of cell and vessel within the body.    


What’s in Store for Stem Cell Therapy?

While mesenchymal stem cells will help us in the relief of coronavirus is still unseen, there is remarkable therapy being done with stem cells for other health related concerns, including pain management. Whether it’s a herniated disc, lower back pain, whiplash or other varying syndromes, stem cell therapy may be a solution for you. 


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