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With the continuation of the COVID-19 pandemic, and social distancing measures, future visits, and treatments for those suffering from chronic illnesses often lay in a realm of uncertainty. Several months into Stay At Home orders, we’ve seen a growing concern over pain management Dr. Phillips patients need continuously. To combat this, Innovative Pain Solutions, a trusted Orlando pain clinic, has compiled some options and advice for dealing with your pain at home, that you may not have considered before.

Explore Your Options To Manage The Pain

Many doctors’ offices are cutting down on all non-essential visits, surgeries, and tests. If you live with chronic pain and are used to routine visits for these purposes, you may find your life made a little bit more complicated by these measures (on top of stay at home orders). We’ve laid out a few different options for chronic pain management Dr. Phillips residents need desperately during this trying time.

  • Many doctors and their patients are currently switching over to telemedicine visits in order to minimize the spread of COVID-19. Many kinds of virtual health and wellness services are available to help you cope with chronic pain while you linger at home, such as physical therapist and psychological counselling sessions, meetings with nutritionists, and even online support groups.
  • For many, staying at home all these months has meant the breakdown of a structured day. We are stuck with the same people 24/7 in the same place, with not much elsewhere to go. This can result in added stress on your shoulders, which often makes chronic pain worse. Combat this by sitting down with your housemates and setting a schedule to follow, setting up boundaries and bringing routine back into your life.
  • Unfortunately, there are certain kinds of medical treatments that many doctors recommend postposing right now. For example, certain routine pain management procedures that are not lifesaving may need to be pushed back for now, reducing risk of spreading COVID-19. This is another factor that could add to your chronic stress, so it is important to add stress management techniques and tools to your new schedule, giving you a chance to relax.

Get Help From An Orlando Pain Clinic

Many of these resources can be found here at Innovative Pain Solutions, a clinic for pain management Dr. Philips residents have found most effective at treating their chronic pain from all possible angles. We incorporate all tactics, including nerve blocks, medication prescriptions, physical rehab, regenerative medicine, and more into our individualized plans for our patients. Our goal is to find the true root of your pain and evaluate how to eliminate it, and how any of your other conditions or activities may be aggravating this pain further.

If you need a pain management resource consult us for the most innovative solutions!

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