A Pain Doctor Explains How Weight Loss Can Help With Chronic Pain

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Many people aren’t aware that weight loss can be very beneficial to people suffering from chronic pain. Weight loss management is an excellent pain relief strategy that many health professionals aren’t emphasizing enough. Weight can be a very sensitive topic so doctors often don’t feel like bringing up that subject. It’s understandable because health professionals want to avoid hurting their patient’s feelings even if what they want to tell them is excellent medical advice. When you are carrying extra weight that can often result in you having more severe chronic pain for any of your other health issues. Weight loss has shown to have an effect on the severity of chronic pain within your body. As a pain doctor, it’s important to build a strong relationship with your patients so that you can address sensitive topics such as weight and obesity because it’s in the best interest of your patient’s health. If a patient comes to you because they’re dealing with severe chronic pain it’s important to have a conversation about how being overweight can have a significant effect on how we experience chronic pain. If you are experiencing severe chronic pain you should contact Innovative Pain Solutions in Orlando Florida which offers innovative pain solutions. Dr. Kalia is a  pain doctor that specializes in minimally invasive treatments for a wide spectrum of pain condition and is located in Orlando Florida. He is double board-certified in both Anesthesiology and pain management that can help you!


The Connection between Weight loss and Chronic Pain


Being overweight can cause your hips and joints to experience more wear and tear due to the extra weight you are carrying around. Having additional weight can also increase your levels of inflammation around your many joints. Inflammation is often very closely connected with pain perception. Obesity is often connected with diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and even asthma. Dropping weight can reduce the pressure on all of the knees, joints, and spine. Patients that have lost weight have shown to have reductions in pain due to migraines and other health issues. 


Tips on losing weight


In order to lose weight, it can be very helpful to set a goal. You need to visualize how you will look after your weight loss journey and understand all of the benefits that will come along with it. Losing weight can be very helpful in reducing your chronic pain and help you live a long healthy life. Ignore what other people may say or look like and only focus on yourself. Negativity is never beneficial when you are trying to accomplish something. Exercising is a great first step to take towards weight loss Making sure you are active throughout the day will help ensure that you are steadily burning off calories. Pain doctors will teach their patients to never try not to overdo anything. Exercising too much could cause your chronic pain to flare up more quickly. Exercising in moderation and developing healthy eating habits will help you lose weight over time. It’s important to celebrate all of your little weight loss goals so you can continue to get closer to your goal!

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