Swimming Recommended By Pain Management Physician to Help Pain

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Apart from the fun attached to swimming, there are several other reasons why you should consider swimming. This is an effective physical activity recommended for people living with back injuries. With swimming, you can easily overcome pain, improve your muscles’ strength, and enhance your mood. 

At Innovative Pain Solutions, we are pain management physicians that help you recommend the best type of swimming for improving your health. We are expert stem cell therapy Orlando that will help you stay healthy.  

How you Benefit from Recreation Swimming Recommended by Pain Management Physicians

Many often wonder how recreational swimming benefits them. The answer is not far fetched. Physicians often recommend recreational swimming for those battling with back injuries. Those who also need low impact exercise often benefit from recreational swimming. When you swim, you mount less pressure on your joints and spine, which helps you exercise better and easier. Activating your muscle becomes easier when you engage in recreational swimming. 

How Does Recreational Swimming Work? 

Many often wonder how recreational swimming delivers all the benefits highlighted above. It involves a simple yet effective process. Since back pain is caused by straining your muscle and ligaments, swimming improves your movement. 

Since the environment is convenient, you can move easily without mounting pressure on your joints. An improved range of motion results in easy circulation of blood and drastically improves your hydrostatic pressure, helping you stay healthy. Both small and large muscles work equally when you are swimming. This improves your flexibility and your strength. 

Recommended Swimming Exercise for Pain Management

When it comes to selecting the best swimming exercise, expert stem cell therapy Orlando is needed. Below are some of the swimming exercise recommended for pain management;


  • Water Aerobics


If you are still recovering from back injuries, water aerobics is the best exercise option for you. It works on your core and the lower back muscles. This also helps in preparing you for lap swimming. To try this option, start from running or walking inside the pool. This will reduce the weight on your joint and back. 


  • Backstroke


One of the benefits of engaging in this form of swimming exercise is that it helps you strengthen your back. It is also effective for stretching, as this will reduce pain. It does not require you to stress your body. It is simple to practice. 


  • Pull Drill


When you engage in this form of swimming, you will have to engage your hands and arms while your legs are left isolated. This will result in stretching your lower back, and it helps avoid straining your back. 

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When it comes to selecting the best form of exercise, Innovative Pain Solutions, with the help of our pain management physician, will help. We help identify the cause of your pain and select the type of swimming that will work for you. As a stem cell therapy Orlando, we have all the tools needed to help you stay healthy. Contact us today to learn more.

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