What You Need To Know About Kyphoplasty Recovery Time

kyphoplasty recovery time in Orlando

Do you have a fracture in your spine? Well, here at Innovative Pain Solutions, we provide information on kyphoplasty and kyphoplasty recovery time so you can be fully informed in case you need this procedure. Fractures within the spine mean that the parts of your spine that look like blocks have collapsed. This usually occurs from a traumatic accident such as a car crash. Spinal fractures can be painful beyond belief, and they certainly need surgery, such as kyphoplasty, in many cases. This procedure is very effective and does not require a large amount of recovery time. Kyphoplasty is not an invasive surgery, and it is also very reliable. Our pain management doctors work diligently to make sure that patients are comfortable and that the procedure goes smoothly, so they have a full recovery. Kyphoplasty has helped numerous people with their pain and spinal fractures, and we want you to have the same experience. So if you have a fracture, come to us because we are the best in Orlando! 


Kyphoplasty Recovery Time And Procedure

You probably want to know more details about kyphoplasty regarding its procedure and recovery time. Before the procedure starts, pain management doctors will perform a series of x-rays and inspect the area for how severe your fracture is and where it is in your body exactly. They can also determine how long you have had the fracture. In terms of what happens during the procedure itself, a device is inserted into the fractured area and expands the blocky part of your spin like a balloon. This results in a space within the bone that is filled with a special type of cement. Once the cement is hard, the doctors will bandage you up to keep your spin in place while it heals. After the kyphoplasty is complete, you are required to lay on your back so the cement can harden properly. Doctors will make sure it’s healing well and that your back is all set. Patients do not have to wait too long before they can go home. 


Benefits Of Kyphoplasty 

Not only does kyphoplasty heal your spinal fracture, but it comes with many benefits that you likely don’t know about. We want you to have all the facts before you have this procedure. Here are the benefits: 

  • Not very complicated for pain management doctors 
  • Improves your quality of life
  • Allows you to be more active 
  • Increases your ability to move more 
  • Gets rid of back pain 


Live Your Best Life 

Back injuries can truly decrease your overall quality of life, even if it’s just a minor fracture. Luckily, procedures like kyphoplasty are out there to help you live your best life and not be brought down by back pain and immobility. We want you to be fully informed about this procedure to give you hope in knowing that you can make a full recovery. 


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Innovative Pain Solutions are professionals who offer information about kyphoplasty recovery time and the procedure itself. This procedure has helped so many people get back on their feet and heal their fractured spines. We want you to have this same amazing experience. So call or visit us today in Orlando for more information. 


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