Are Anesthetic Nerve Blocks Effective In Managing Chronic Pain?

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Are you looking for an advanced pain management doctor that you can trust? Have you recently gone through a harsh surgery? Maybe you’ve injured yourself in an accident. Or perhaps you’ve been having pain for a while now, and you don’t know what’s causing it or how to fix it. We here at Innovative Pain Solutions want to make you feel better. We specialize in pain diagnoses. At Innovative Pain Solutions, we offer nothing but the best care. We genuinely care about our clients. When you walk into the door, you’ll be met with a smile from staff that genuinely care about bringing you peace of mind. Dr. Kalia specializes in minimally invasive treatments. He will get rid of your pain without causing you unnecessary discomfort. Our clinic is proven to Dr. Kalia was double certified as a Pain Management Doctor and Anesthesiologist. He has years upon years of curing, managing, and diagnosing pain. We accept a variety of insurances such as Aetna, AVMed, AARP, Blue Cross, and Blue Shield PPO, Champ VA, Cigna, Humana, Medicare, Freedom, Optimum, Wellcare, and many more. If we cannot find your insurance provider on our list, then fret not because you can still see Dr. Kalia at the full rate. All we want is to help you rid yourself of that nagging pain. Our staff is well worth the visit. We provide pain management Orlando locals love.


Our Pain Solutions

We have two therapy programs and many other solutions to pain. The first is platelet-rich plasma therapy. It can be a unique pain solution for people that don’t respond well to different types of treatment. PRP is for patients that are looking for an alternative to surgery and medicine. To learn more about this therapy, be sure to call us. Another treatment we offer is Stem Cell therapy. These cells were discovered four decades ago when researchers found that cells from bone marrow could form various tissues. If your pain is caused by missing tissue, then this may be the solution you’re looking for. Don’t just take it from us, though. Read our reviews. We do pain management Orlando, and we encourage every patient that receives care at our pain clinic to leave a review. It’s our priority to make you feel better. You may be unsure about visiting your first pain clinic, so here’s a look at anesthetic nerve blocks.


Advanced Pain Management Through Anesthetic Nerve Blocks

Anesthetic nerve blocking is a short-term nerve block. This involves an injection of a local anesthetic close to a nerve causing trouble for a patient for the best possible pain relief. The nerves coated with this anesthetic help to prevent pain by blocking the transmission of pain signals.


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When you’re having a nagging pain, and you’re about to look up, “pain management Orlando,” remember that Innovative Pain Solutions has the solution to your problem. We perform the best advanced pain management with care and love. Your first visit with us will be easy and comfortable. Call Us or visit our contact page for more information.

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