Managing your Sciatica

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Sciatica refers to a pain that travels along the path of the nerve that branches off of your lower back, through the hips and butt, and down both legs. Approximately four out of ten people will develop this condition at some point in their life.  Any pressure or irritation on this nerve can cause severe pain these regions. The pain ranges from mild to severe, depending on the type of damage on the nerve. Besides aches and pain, damage to this nerve can cause feelings of weakness, numbness, and tingling. It can get worse from standing, sitting, coughing, twisting, straining, or even coughing.

Innovative Pain Solutions is a pain management in Orlando. We see patients with these symptoms every day so we decided to show you some suggestions on how to manage the pain associated with these condition.



Routinely treating the symptoms from this chronic pain can help you manage your day to day activities. Symptoms can occur individually in the back, butt, hip, pelvis, or lower extremities, or they can travel precariously throughout one or more of these areas.  Symptoms include minor pains that come and go or can be as serious as long lasting muscle weakness and difficulty walking. In its early stages giving supportive treatment can help dull or diminish these pains. Ice packs can reduce inflammation and the pain sensations. It is also advisable to first monitor this condition before asking for medical treatment right away.


Medications for Sciatica


If you notice your symptoms are recurring or persistent, speak to a practice surrounding pain management in Orlando. They can suggest the right medications for you level of pain and based on the severity of your condition. They may prescribe simple over the counter medications such as Naproxen to treat fever and pain, or they may suggests steroids or muscle relaxers. The latter must be prescribed medication. Steroids can become a dangerous drug when it is not handled properly, but it can be used to stimulate hormone effects. This can reduce inflammation and generate tissue regrowth and repair. Muscle relaxers will help easy the pain.




Ibuprofen is an over the counter medication that can help to reduce inflammation and pain when your symptoms are heavier on certain days. However, most doctors will suggest physical exercise to help remedy this ailment. Aerobic exercises for twenty to thirty minutes at least five days a week can help improve your cardiovascular health.




If your body has become injured in the areas where you feel pain, certain therapies can be used to help dictate the right type of exercise. Chiropractic treatments adjust the spine and massages on the back muscles help to relieve pain. There are various types are stretches that will ease your pain as well. Acupuncture is another special type of therapy that is said to have helped patients with their pain.




If you aren’t sure which type of treatment will work best for your case, you should consult a specialist. Innovative Pain Solutions is a pain management in Orlando that specializes in treating sciatica pain. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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