Dr. Kalia Attended the World Stem Cell Summit

Stem cell research and therapy by Dr Phillip

Dr. Kalia is a leading pain specialist offering PRP Orlando natives trust in the Dr. Phillips area. Although he is an established professional in the field, he is interested in making sure he stays on top of all the new information in the ever-changing world of stem cell research and therapy. As technology advances in the world of medicine, it is essential to stay up to date with the methods that change faster than you can research them. This is why Dr. Kalia chose to attend this year’s World Stem Cell Summit to learn more about the cutting-edge treatment plans and listen to leading specialists speak. Due to his commitment to continued education and his patients, Innovative Pain Solutions is the clinic that people trust the most when they need minimally invasive treatments.


The World Summit On Stem Cell Research and Therapy

As a prominent figure in medicine and a top provider of PRP Orlando locals rely on the most, it is crucial for Dr. Kalia to stay up to date with everything that affects his practice and patients. For these reasons it was an easy decision for him to attend The World Summit this year.


The summit was held over four days starting on Tuesday, January 22 and ending Friday, January 25. It took place at the Hyatt Regency in Miami. Each day followed a specific itinerary that consisted of networking events, guest speakers, and workshops. The opening day started at 4:00 PM and throughout the rest of the night attendees had a chance to listen to a variety of lecturers including Bernard Siegel, JD., Executive Direction of the Regenerative Medicine Foundation,  Michael Adeniya Event Director-Phacilitate, Dr. Bruce Levine, Barbara and Edward Netter Professors from the University of Pennsylvania, Tom Whitehead Co-Founder of Emily Whitehead Foundation, Dr. Maria T. Millan President and CEO of California Institute for Regenerative Medicine, and many other amazing pioneers in the world of stem cell therapy. The second and third day started at 7:45 AM and followed a similar schedule as the first with a number of guest speakers including Dr. Julie Allickson, Director of Regenerative Medicine Clinical Center, Michael Druckman Partner Hogan Lovells, Dr. Paolo De Coppi Consultant Surgeon of Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine from UCL, Dr. Robin Smith Founder of The Stem For Life Foundation, and Dr. Wenchun Qu Director of Regenerative Pain Medicine Practice at the Mayo Clinic. The last day was done a bit differently. Instead of being able to listen to set speakers at a particular time the attendees had the choice to pick which speakers they would hear to based on the topics they were covering. Some of the issues that were covered by the speakers were Pre-clinical/Clinical Innovation, Regenerative Medicine in the Clinic, Biotech Bootcamp, Cord Blood, and Perinatal Stem Cells, Discovery and Translation, as well as Manufacturing for Commercialisation. Each category had a number of speakers assigned to it, which allowed listeners to hear different viewpoints, opinions, and research concerning the same topic in stem cell therapy.


Dr. Kalia benefited immensely from attending this year’s World Summit because it allowed him to continually stay abreast on all of the most recent research studies and technologies that could help him better understand and treat his patients’ chronic pain.


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