What is Interventional Pain Management Treatment?

Interventional Pain Management Treatment

Any kind of chronic pain can make your life hard. When this pain takes over your day-to-day life, and no standard solution is working for you, then interventional pain management can provide you with the answer you have been looking for.

Let us understand what interventional pain management is and how it works.

What is Interventional Pain Management?

Interventional pain management is a medical speciality.  This type of pain management focuses on diagnosing and treating chronic pain conditions with the use of minimally invasive procedures.

What does Interventional Pain Management Aim for?

This discipline of medicine aims at aiding you by managing the pain you are suffering from and decreasing your dependence on medication so that you can lead a better and improved quality of life.

How Does Interventional Pain Management Help Reduce Chronic Pain?

Traditional treatments for chronic pain mostly comprise medications, physical therapy, and surgery. But, these treatments may not always be effective or may cause unwanted side effects.

When these traditional approaches fail to help you in gaining any relief or solving your problem, then interventional pain management presents an alternative by using minimally invasive procedures to diagnose and treat your chronic pain.

Only specialists who have been trained in interventional pain management are qualified to offer interventional pain management solutions.

The procedure that is used for diagnosis in interventional pain management includes nerve blocks, facet joint injections, and epidural injections. With the help of these procedures, the specialists try to find out the source of pain and select the most effective treatment plan.

For example, a nerve block can be used to see if a particular nerve is causing the pain, whereas a facet joint injection can be performed to check if the pain is coming from the spinal joints.

Interventional Pain Management Therapy Options

After identifying the source of the pain, your pain management doctor may prescribe one of the following innovative solutions.

Epidural Steroid Injections – If the pain is in the spine then these injections are used to decrease inflammation and relieve pain.

Joint Injections – If you have inflammation and pain in joints then these injections are used to reduce them.

Trigger Point Injections – If your source of pain is some specific muscles, then these injections can relieve pain in those muscles.

Stem Cell Therapy – Also called regenerative medicine, this treatment is designed to promote the repair response of injured, dysfunctional, or diseased tissue by using stem cells. Stem cells are the cells from which other cells of your body with specialized functions are created, such as bone cells. No other cells have this ability to generate new cell types.

PRP Therapy – Like Stem cell therapy, Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy also has the potential to regenerate tissues and decrease pain. The increased concentration of growth factors in platelet-rich plasma is responsible to stimulate or expedite the healing process, decrease pain, and encourage new tissue generation in the affected area.

Spinal Cord Stimulation – In this procedure, a small device is implanted in the spine. This device sends out electrical impulses to the nerve to block the pain signals. This option is chosen only as a last resort for treatment when other pain management don’t work.


Interventional pain management can prove to be very helpful for you if the traditional pain treatment methods have not worked for you. It can help you manage your pain and improve the quality of your life.

So, if you are tired of your chronic pain and looking for an Orlando pain management clinic, schedule an appointment with Innovative Pain Solutions.

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