Could Looking At A Painting Improve Your Pain?

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If you walk into any healthcare facility in the U.S., there is a high probability you’ll find paintings on the wall. These paintings could be sculptures, an exhibit of paintings, or photographs. These paintings are usually found in the waiting room. But why are they there? Health care experts say that they are there to improve your pain. How could that be? As pain management experts at Innovative Pain Solutions, located in Dr. Phillips, our team explains how art helps alleviate pain. 

How Painting Improve Your Pain

Painting, coloring, and drawing are excellent healing tools. Artwork helps relieve pain in varying ways. For example, when patients interact with them, they serve as pleasant distractions from the pain they are wrestling with. In addition, looking at artwork can lead to emotional healing and deeper processing, ultimately alleviating pain.

What Have Studies Shown?

Studies have shown that when a hospitalized person engages with the paintings on the wall, they experience a decrease in levels of stress hormones. Also, they sleep better, require less medication, stay shorter in the hospital, and respond well to treatments. Moreover, there is a part of the brain known as PAG or Periaqueductal gray. This part of the brain plays a significant role in relieving pain. Therefore, when someone looks at a painting—which is a creative engagement—the activity of the PAG is boosted. Finally, getting creative is also efficient in fighting some unpleasant consequences of pain like mood swings, memory problems, and social isolation.

What You Can Do

We are sure it’s clear now that painting can help alleviate pain. However, does that mean you must be a gifted painter before you can engage in healing arts? No! Wherever you are, irrespective of the type of gift you have, you can admire a nice piece of art. If you want to try out what we’ve explored today, why not take your time to explore some fantastic paintings in the museum or an art gallery. When you walk into a hospital, try and pay careful attention to the painting you find in the waiting room. You will be stunned at how much help you could recieve. 

Undoubtedly, the pain treatment that works for Patient A might not be practical for patient B. That means, when administering medicine, it has to be tailored to an individual’s needs. For that reason, if you have been wrestling with pain for a very long time, while we are sure that paintings can offer powerful treatment, you still need to visit an expert for pain management. That way, they can assess your condition and know what works best for you.

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Have you been battling with pain for a very long time? Would you love to have a pain management expert address your pain and administer the best treatment? At Innovative Pain Solutions, you’ll get profound help from our team located in Dr. Phillips. If you also need further insight on how paintings and artwork can improve your pain, contact us today. 

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