7 Possible Causes of Pain Under Your Shoulder Blade

With a lot of work being done from home and behind a desk, certain aches and pains might start appearing during your work day, disrupting your workflow. Pain under your shoulder blade can cause a lot of discomfort and leave you unfocused and in pain. Innovative Pain Solutions in the Orlando area can help you work through the kinks and find ways of improving your posture. 


Common Signs

More often than not, we get used to our daily routines and don’t notice when we do something improperly, leading to issues we didn’t even realize we could avoid. The pain may vary, from a burning feeling to a sharp pain between the shoulder blade and spine, or it could be a tender or achy feeling across your shoulder or upper back. It’s far too easy to shrug off some minor discomfort or achy feelings, but when it starts to affect your daily activities, that’s when it becomes a major issue. Improper posture is one possible cause of pain in your shoulder blade area. Having incorrect posture is an easy, forgettable action you can be doing for hours without fully realizing the impact it can have on your back and shoulder area. Over time, improper posture like slouching, tilting your head down, hunching your back or sitting to one side, can weaken your muscles and place pressure on your spinal discs, muscles and ligaments. It can even cause your spine to exhibit structural changes that can start affecting your back and shoulder blade area. 


That Pesky Pain Under Your Shoulder Blades

If you don’t spend a lot of time in front of the computer or are improving your posture on a daily basis, there are other, smaller tasks in a day that can contribute to a dull ache as well. If you lift a lot, either at the gym or for work, ensure you’re lifting properly as this can also cause some unnecessary strain on your back, especially when it’s over your head lifting. Lifting an object that’s too heavy or holding it away from your body while your spine is misaligned can put excess pressure on your lower back, strain and sprain ligaments and muscles, and potentially injure your shoulder joint or spine. It’s also far too easy to overuse your muscles while performing everyday tasks, which can cause pain around your shoulder area. Playing sports after a hiatus, helping a friend move furniture or yard work all day puts a lot of work onto your shoulders and upper back. Remember to take it easy and not overexert yourself on those chores and activities no matter how much you want to help. 


Although less common, a dislocated rib or herniated cervical disc could both be causes for your shoulder blade pain. A rib may pop out during excessive strain, and can cause similar shoulder pain, and could also make it difficult to take in a deep breath. A herniated disc in the cervical spine occurs when the outer layers of a disc tears, leading the inner layer to start leaking outwards. This can cause extreme discomfort and may cause inflammation of a nearby nerve, traveling down the shoulder area, arms or hands, and causing pain and tenderness. A compression fracture, when a vertebral bone weakens and compresses, can cause sensitive back pain and often is relieved from sitting and resting. Even having a heart condition can radiate pain into the shoulder blade area, when it’s caused by aortic dissension. This life-threatening condition occurs when the heart’s largest artery gets a tear, leaving you with a severe pain near or under the shoulder blades. 


Taking Care Of Your Back

There are a myriad of ways to put excessive strain on your shoulder blade areas, but these are typically the most relevant and seen in today’s society. Knowing what to look for in your daily routine can help you establish a baseline for why and where the pain is happening, while making it easier to seek treatment down the road.


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