A Pain Clinic Highlights Five Reasons For Neck Pain

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Neck pain can be caused by several circumstances and situations. However, the most common are neck injuries resulting in pain. Innovative Pain Solutions provide relief within the pain clinic for any kind of discomfort. Your neck pain will be resolved, whether you’re in Orlando or surrounding areas, these tips are for you. 

Pain Clinic and Types of Neck Injuries

The most common reason for neck pain may be a rear-end accident. The most popular reason is waking up a few days after and realizing you might have suffered whiplash. While you may feel you’re able to walk it off and have no issues in the future, we highly recommend you get seen. Perhaps you’ve simply woken up one morning feeling discomfort in your neck having no idea what you’ve done the previous day.

However, understanding your pain is the first step in solving the symptom. These are the most common types of injuries:

  1. Poor posture, stress or overexertion injuries
  2. Rear-end accidents
  3. Falls or athletic injury
  4. Illnesses
  5. Poor sleeping position
  6. Nerves that may be pinched
  7. Arthritis

Poor posture can simply mean everyday tasks that involve the upper body, and soon you wake up with a sore neck. Even at your computer desk, if you’re hunched over, it will stress the muscles in your neck. In a rear-end accident, your head is thrown forward and backward, which damages the ligaments, nerves, and muscles within your neck.

Falls or athletic players will be prone to injuries, including the neck. Depending on the illness, it also can cause neck pain, such as cancer or even the flu. The obvious, poor sleeping position, is the most popular culprit for giving neck pain if you’re twisted at an odd angle or using pillows that don’t support you.

Pinched nerves are never fun, which occurs from the bones or herniated disk placing pressure on the nerves. The strongest pain is at the neck and will sometimes travel down your arms and to your hands. Arthritis affects the cushion, the cartilage in between your bones, and it wears down which also affects your neck, resulting in pain. 

Symptoms of Neck Pain

Telling your healthcare provider of symptoms will help identify the root cause of the pain. Symptoms include the aches and stiffness, which is important to note if it spreads down your back and arms. This is a sign of a sprain or strain in the muscles.

Any pain that also goes down the pack or is stinging, burning, or numb, will indicate a pinched nerve. Also, pain that extends to the shoulders or arms and includes nausea or a headache indicates a ruptured disc.

In Pain? Call Us Today

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you’re feeling any sign or symptom of a neck injury. If you feel fine and yet the pain persists, come visit us at Innovative Pain Solutions. In Orlando, call our pain clinic for any additional information or to set up an appointment for relief. Call us today and we’ll get you feeling better with our treatments.

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