A Pain Management Group Highlights Kids With Chronic Pain

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As a pain management group, we treat people of all ages for a range of conditions. We display sensitivity to the specific needs of people in different age groups. One demographic that many people are surprised to learn has their own set of obstacles when it comes to chronic pain are children. Innovative Pain Solutions in Orlando listens carefully to all of our patients. Here is some of our collective knowledge from treating kids.


A Pain Management Group Might Have Dismissed Them


Kids have been known to exaggerate truths or make up stories; it’s part of what makes them fun, and usually, it’s harmless. But it can make parents and adults not believe a young person when describing pain, especially when the pain happens again and again. Even experienced pain management practices are guilty of not taking a young person’s physical complaints seriously.


In the instance of a medical issue or physical injury, platelet-rich plasma therapy, or PRP, has helped many children. Parents should not be surprised if they need to find what PRP Orlando offers to help their children’s chronic pain. 


Chronic Pain Does Not Discriminate

Some physicians might not think to refer a young person to a PRP Orlando location because the treatment might seem too extreme for a young person, whose body can probably heal on its own. While older people are more inclined to have chronic pain and illness, being young and living with persistent pain are not mutually exclusive.


Younger children who are less able to articulate their feelings can get easily frustrated. Sensations from continuous pains or illnesses are often confusing to children who are more familiar with cuts and scrapes from roughhousing. But we know not to wait until they are older and more mature to care for them. We have experience successfully treating young children, and have the skills needed to help accurately describe where the pain is so that we may help. 


Physical Pain Can Lead to Emotional Hurts

The best parts of being young are the boundless energy and plentiful opportunities to play games, sports, and traveling with friends their own age. But with the condition that puts active kids in time out compared to other kids their age who can lead “normal” active lives. Their peers might also not understand their condition, which adds to insecurities and feelings of being different. Kids have their own ideas on how to fit in or stand out in a way that is right for them. 


The feeling of being left out is damaging to a child, and they could develop depression or emotional wounds that last into adulthood. We take children’s chronic pain or illness seriously because we want to offer the best PRP Orlando can offer to put your child back in the game with their peers


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Innovative Pain Solutions has your entire family’s best interest in mind, and that includes your young kids, who are not immune to chronic pain or illness. Contact our pain management group at our Orlando location at 407-284-1993 or via email if your child is experiencing pain or ache that is persistent. 


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