How We Treat Complex Regional Pain Syndrome At Our Orlando Pain Clinic

orlando pain clinic treats complex regional pain syndrome

What is Complex Regional Pain Syndrome?

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is a chronic pain condition. The cause of the condition is unknown, but it is thought to be associated with problems in the central nervous system, and can occur after an injury, surgery, stroke, or heart attack.

Though the condition appears straightforward, it is complex. There are a lot of variations in the illness depending on the individual patient. In addition, there is no test to diagnose Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Instead, it is diagnosed using a set of criteria and knowledge of the symptoms.

What are symptoms of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome?

Pain is the most common symptom of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Patients experience different sensations of pain, including burning, throbbing, or stabbing. The pain usually begins at or near the site of an injury or surgical procedure. The patient may also experience muscle spasms, swelling, and extreme sensitivity to temperatures, wind, water, and even touch.

If left untreated, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome may become worse over time. Typically, the condition is categorized in “phases.” They are:

Phase 1

This phase of the illness is marked by pain at or near the area of injury, muscle spasms, impaired mobility, stiffness in the joints, and rapid hair/nail growth. This phase occurs shortly after the injury or other event that precipitates the illness.

Phase 2

This phase is marked by increased intensity of pain, swelling that spreads, and increased severity of additional symptoms as well as reduced hair and nail growth. Patients in this phase may also experience skin and bone changes.

Phase 3

The third stage of the illness is characterized by irreversible damage to bones and skin and dramatic pain that may radiate throughout an entire limb and limited mobility. The effects of this phase may remain with the patient even after successful treatment.

The way people react to the symptoms depend a great deal on their ability to cope with pain, other lifestyle and health factors, and what treatment they may be receiving.

How is Complex Regional Pain Syndrome treated?

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is not a psychological condition. The pain experienced by patients is real. At the Innovative Pain Solutions Orlando Pain Clinic, we strive to treat patients’ pain effectively. We also work to make sure that patients have everything they need for physical and mental health.

Since Complex Regional Pain Syndrome impacts the body in a wide range of ways, treatment is usually multifaceted. Depending on the needs of the patient, a treatment plan may include physical therapies, medications, and/or surgery. Patients may also be referred to therapy or other psychological intervention to address the mental and emotional effects of the condition.

The most important part of the treatment is individualization. Each person is different, and each person reacts differently to the condition. At our clinic, we look at the whole patient and develop a comprehensive treatment plan that meets each patient’s unique needs. That way, no matter how the Complex Regional Pain Syndrome manifests in the patient, we can help.

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