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Lower back pain can have a negative effect on every aspect of your life. Statistics have shown that back pain is a primary cause of employees missing work frequently in the United States. While there are many different conditions that can cause back pain and discomfort, some are more common than others. Lumbar radicular pain is often the reason people seek treatment for back pain. If you are experiencing lower back pain, it may benefit you to seek the advice of the experts at Innovative Pain Solutions. This top Orlando pain clinic is home to Dr. Raja Kalia, who is a leader in minimally invasive treatments for back pain.


What Is Lumbar Radicular Pain?


Lumbar radicular pain is caused by compression on the spinal nerve root. This condition is also known as Sciatica, a term in which many people are familiar with. Lumbar radicular pain can arise from an injury to the spine in the lower back or stem from acquired conditions such as a herniated disc or foraminal stenosis.


What Are The Symptoms Of Lumbar Radiculopathy?


While many conditions can lead to low back pain, lumbar radiculopathy produces specific symptoms such as:


  • One-Sided Lower Back Pain That Radiates Down The Leg
  • Pain That Goes Into The Buttocks, Thighs And Calves
  • Pain That Is More Severe When Sitting Or Standing For Long Periods Of Time
  • Tingling Sensation That Radiates Down The Leg
  • Burning Feeling In The Buttocks And Affected Leg
  • Weakness In The Affected Leg
  • Shooting Pain From The Low Back Down The Affected Leg


How Is Lumbar Radicular Pain Diagnosed?


At Innovative Pain Solutions, Dr. Raja Kalia uses a variety of diagnostic tools in order to diagnose your condition including:


  • Physical Examination
  • CT Scan
  • Lumbar MRI
  • EMG Test


What Treatments Are Available?


At Innovative Pain Solutions, back pain is diagnosed and treated based on the extensive diagnostic knowledge of Dr. Raja Kalia who is a leader in pain management. For patients who have mild to moderate pain, a conservative approach is often taken, which may include rest, lifestyle modification, heat, ice, and physical therapy. For those who have severe pain, medications may be prescribed and steroid injections given. Those who have pain not relieved by these methods may be candidates for bracing or surgery. It is important to note that back pain affects people differently and treatments should be tailored to patient’s on an individual basis.

Seek Treatment Now

If you or someone you love is experiencing low back pain, seek treatment at this leading Orlando pain clinic where experience matters. The professionals at this facility know how chronic pain can affect every aspect of your life and will work hard to reduce your pain so you can move forward. Taking the step to obtain an evaluation and treatment plan from this reputable pain management clinic is the best way to head toward a pain free life.

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