What Are the Treatment Options for Whiplash?

When the head gets jerked backward and forward in a forceful and sudden motion, whiplash occurs. The most common reason behind whiplash injuries in car accidents. Other than this, people suffer from whiplash because of incidents like slips and falls and sports injuries.

It’s said that whiplash occurs when the jerk is fast and sudden. But, medically, it is proven that whiplash can occur at speeds as low as 5 miles per hour.

Why does whiplash treatment often get delayed?

One of the reasons is that whiplash becomes painful hours or even days after an injury. And it happens because the body takes time to swell in the area around the injury and register the swelling that has occurred. Even if people experience immediate pain, it subsides shortly.

Regarding other symptoms of whiplash, even they are not recognized right away. People take time to realize that they are experiencing a series of related problems.

Due to such reasons, the whiplash treatment gets delayed, leading to other health complications.

Why should whiplash not be left untreated?

Even after experiencing symptoms, people leave them untreated. And it’s because whiplash doesn’t create or interrupt the daily lives of the people at the initial stage. Everything seems normal, especially when the pain subsides.

If whiplash is left untreated or not treated on time, the symptoms become chronic and more problematic. Sometimes, people suffer from the following health problems:

  • Chronic neck pain
  • Chronic headaches
  • Permanently restricted movement

If there are pre-existing neck problems or the whiplash is severe, people are likely to suffer long-term complications.

Common Treatment Options for Whiplash 

Delayed treatment is not your mistake because the symptoms are not experienced right away, but leaving the problem untreated and suffering from other serious complications is one of the biggest mistakes of your life. So, schedule an appointment with one of the best pain management doctors and start the treatment for whiplash as soon as possible. Apart from this, you can try the following tips:

  1. Neck icing

Neck icing relieves pressure and swelling as soon as possible. You just have to do it every three to four hours for three days for 15 minutes. Even if you feel the slightest pain after the incident, you should start this treatment. Use a thin towel or piece of cloth for neck icing to avoid skin abrasion.

  1. Pain killers

The painkillers should be taken only after consulting your doctor. It’s because all the painkillers are not recommended because of the serious side effects. Also, painkillers should be taken for a specified time. If you use them regularly, you might get addicted to them.

  1. Neck brace

You can use a neck brace on the recommendation of your doctor. It’s because a neck brace or belt is not safe to use for the long term. It weakens the muscles. You should follow the direction of the doctor while using the neck brace.

How Innovative Pain Solutions can help you recover from Whiplash?

You should immediately visit the clinic if you experience dizziness, weakness, confusion, or loss of consciousness. The clinic specializes in interventional treatment techniques, which are generally less expensive, require less recovery time, and involve fewer risks of complications or side effects.

The cervical facet medial branch block and cervical facet ablation procedures performed by our pain management doctors are very helpful in whiplash pain.

The experts in the Orlando pain clinic combine modalities in their treatment protocols so that you receive a treatment that is specifically tailored to your needs. You will receive treatment with utmost accuracy and efficiency.

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