What Do PRP Injections For The Knee Accomplish?

Plasma Injections For Knee Pain at orlando

Osteoarthritis is one of the most common types of arthritis. The severe condition attacks the joints of the person, producing inflammation, swelling, stiffness, and final degeneration of the cartilage. The abnormal pattern caused by osteoarthritis tends to allocate in the hands, feet, knees, hips, and spine. Recent medical developments and findings bring new hope for patients affected by osteoarthritis in the knee area. Studies conducted (since the early 2000s) have provided evidence of how platelet-rich plasma injections for knee pain are an emerging alternative to reduce the progress of the disease. Orlando Pain Solutions performs osteoarthritis knee treatments using platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections. Visit the pain management team of PRP Orlando to gather all the information you may need to start the therapies and get better.


What is Platelet-Rich Plasma?


Platelets are tiny blood cells involved in clotting and wound healing. Medical scientists produce PRP by centrifuging a blood (plasma) sample, to generate a highly concentrated mixture of platelets content. 


The plasma mixture is layered with a content made of red blood cells (closely to 45%), a buffy coat of platelets and white cells (nearing 1%), and a remaining third layer of platelet-poor plasma.


 is known to effectively boost cell regeneration and healing after performing medical procedures, such as surgery.


The blood source comes from the patient’s, minimizing risks of contact to fluids foreign to their bodies. 


Recent findings have identified PRP as a potent ally against osteoarthritis, and other injuries, like tennis elbow, and ligament afflictions.


In spite of the developments been relatively recent and still ongoing, there have been successful trials proving the benefits of its applications through injections in the affected area.  However, the results of using PRP vary depending on the injury and the patient’s health.


Osteoarthritis Plasma Injection for Knee Pain Therapy


Osteoarthritis is a disease that typically affects people older than 50 years of age. It attacks the joints of the person, degenerating the cartilage, producing swelling, muscle stiffness, and pain. 


Fairly recently, PRP injections have emerged as an innovative new alternative to treat the osteoarthritis allocated in the knees. Tests have shown encouraging results, offering:


  • Delay of the degeneration of the cartilage.
  • Rehabilitation of muscle stiffness.
  • Mobility improvement of the affected area.


PRP injection treatment is safe and proven to be effective. However, performance is enhanced if mixed with a physical therapy program, and anti-inflammatory medication. If needed, weight loss should also be on the table.


Before committing to a PRP injection therapy, the knowledgeable and skillful team at PRP Orlando will study your medical history and case in detail, compiling all the necessary information to place a specific diagnosis, and determine your eligibility to move forward with the treatment, looking for a full spectrum recovery. 


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