What is PRP Therapy?

With significant developments in the scientific field, we have received alternatives to traditional medication. Research has concluded that the human body has self-healing capacities, and with the correct medical practices, we can take advantage of this information. PRP therapy has proven benefits when it comes to musculoskeletal pain and injuries. The pain may stem from specific injuries, muscular disorders, or simply old age. In PRP therapy treatment, the patient’s blood is used to accelerate the healing process.

What is PRP? 

Platelet-rich Plasma therapy or PRP comprises two components: the plasma, the liquid in our blood, and platelets, an essential type of body cell. Platelets have healing properties and are constantly warding off infections in our bodies. Platelets also play a vital role in blood clotting. In other words, Platelet-rich plasma contains more platelets than usual, which aid in the healing process of our bodies.

How does PRP therapy work? 

When considering PRP therapy treatment, one might wonder how exactly does it work? In PRP therapy, a blood sample is taken from the patient, and through the process of configuration, platelet-rich plasma is separated from platelet-poor plasma. After creating platelet-rich plasma through the patient’s blood, this solution is now converted into an injection. Finally, the solution is injected into the required area, such as an injury or joint pain. The doctor may use an ultrasound to guide the injection to the target area. The configured blood comes with the addition of specific bio proteins, which helps in accelerating the body’s healing process.

  • PRP therapy is known to have impressive benefits for injuries and joint pain. While the process is time-consuming, with time and patience, one will notice a genuine difference. PRP treatment is a widely chosen one since it has minimal side effects and shows actual results. In addition, since one’s own blood is used in this treatment, there is a lesser chance of your body rejecting the treatment or developing infections.

Today, doctors use PRP to help treat multiple musculoskeletal issues such as neck pain, back pain, and joint pain. Also, as discussed above, PRP can have a significantly improving impact on injuries.

What are the uses of PRP therapy? 

PRP therapy treatment can be used for various conditions, including musculoskeletal problems and injuries. These include chronic tendon injuries that often take a long time to heal. Opting for PRP treatment can help individuals speed up their healing process when having suffered such injuries, minimize pain and return to their activities sooner than expected.


Going about your daily life while suffering from pain from joints or injuries is often challenging. Sometimes, if the pain is minor, we ignore it entirely until it festers and becomes unbearable. Ensure that you do not let this happen and opt for safer alternatives such as a PRP treatment. At Orlando Pain Solutions, we strive to provide the best PRP therapy treatment in Orlando for all your musculoskeletal issues. With our skilled team of medical practitioners, be rest assured that we address all your concerns with sincerity and help you overcome your injuries or joint pain.

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