What Do PRP Injections Consist of?

PRP injection in Dr. Phillips

PRP injections are a recent development in medical treatment technology, which is why a lot of possible candidates may be curious regarding what exactly PRP injections are and what they do. Since PRP solutions are made out of the patients’ blood, and every patient’s blood is a little different, PRP solutions can vary. Moreover, different physicians will have different approaches for formulating and preparing a PRP solution for injection. Read on to learn more about how the PRP injection works and what this treatment consists of. Innovative Pain Solutions provides PRP Orlando residents rely on. Call Innovative Pain Solutions in Dr. Phillips for more information regarding PRP injections and to schedule an appointment today.

How Platelet-Rich Plasma is Made


Firstly, let’s discuss how platelet-rich plasma is made. The most common way that PRP is prepared involves centrifuging a patient’s blood sample. A vial of blood is put into a centrifuge, where it is spun at extremely high speeds. This spinning causes the blood to separate into the following layers:

  • Red blood cells- These make up 45% of all blood, and are forced to the bottom of the vial.
  • White blood cells- The white blood cells and platelets make up a thin middle layer, which is called a buffy coat, and comprises less than 1% of the blood that has been centrifuged.
  • “Platelet-poor” plasma, or plasma with a low concentration of platelets, make up the remaining top layer, or around 55% of the total blood sample that has been centrifuged.


After the centrifuge process has been completed, the doctor or medical technician will take the vial out of the centrifuge and prepare the PRP solution for injection. Since centrifugation speed and time can vary, the differences in centrifugation speed and time can have an effect on the composition of PRP Orlando residents are curious about. At this time, there is no consensus regarding what centrifugation process produces the best results for certain types of conditions.


What Is In A PRP Injection


Not all PRP injections are comprised of the same things. The exact make-up of platelet-rich plasma will depend on many different variables, including the concentration of platelets, the concentration of white blood cells, and the use of additives. Normal blood has 150,000 to 450,000 platelets per microliter, and the concentration of platelets in platelet-rich plasma can vary from 2.5 to 9 times that. Concentration levels depend on the individual’s blood, the amount of blood that has been drawn, the centrifuge process (e.g., rotation speed and duration), and other methods of clinical preparation. While the immune system depends on white blood cells to fight infection, the exact role that the cells play in PRP therapy is so far unclear. Just like with the concentration of platelets, the concentration of white blood cells are all determined by an individual’s blood as well as the clinical methods of preparation.


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When it comes to PRP injections, there are many different variables to keep in mind. Every PRP injection has a variety of factors that may influence it, which is why it’s important to be informed. Innovative Pain Solutions provide PRP Orlando residents rely on. Call Innovative Pain Solutions to schedule an appointment today!

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