How New Age PRP Therapy Can Improve Your Chronic Pain

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When it comes to injuring a knee, Achilles, or anything that is crucial to the movement of your body, you know that healing can be a long, drawn-out process, especially if you had to get surgery. Throughout this period you’re going to be in pain, be highly inconvenienced, and spend a lot of time wishing that it would just end. There is good news, however, if you are somebody who wants to avoid the invasiveness and recovery period of surgery- a new treatment has arrived called platelet rich plasma therapy that has shown many promising results for increased healing and/or an alternative option to surgery. PRP therapy is used to speed up the healing process by manipulating your body’s natural restorative abilities. Read on to learn more about how PRP can assist in improving your chronic pain and how the treatment process works. Innovative Pain Solutions offer top pain management doctors in the Orlando area. Call Innovative Pain Solutions at our Dr. Phillips office to find out more today.


What Injuries PRP Is Used For


PRP therapy can treat a wide array of injuries and diseases, and has shown many promising results. Currently there are studies which support its use for treating a large range of ailments. PRP is fast coming out as a treatment for ACL and MCL injuries like tears, knee pain, osteoarthritis of the knee, spine injuries, rotator cuff tears, pelvic pain, jumper’s knee, back and neck injuries, and tennis elbow. There aren’t as many studies out as of right now as could be due to the fact that PRP therapy is a fairly new treatment here in the United States, though versions of it have been in use around the world for many years. Throughout the next few years there should be a lot more randomized, blinded, placebo controlled studies in order to give the treatment the validity that it deserves. However, as of now there have been several cohort studies- along with a lot of anecdotal evidence from our patients- that has illustrated highly effective results for the treatment. Projecting off the success that our pain management doctors at Innovative Pain Solutions have seen with our patients, we expect this treatment to grow in popularity fast throughout the next couple of years. 


PRP Therapy Explained


PRP has been in use by star athletes who swear by the results. Tiger Woods received PRP treatment after knee surgery in 2009, and Kobe Bryant flew all the way to Germany for his  treatment in 2013. PRP therapy is a fairly straightforward procedure. When you go for your treatment at the doctor, a sample of your blood is collected. The blood is then spun down in a special type of centrifuge which collects the platelets in your blood. Platelets are a key part of the healing process, as they attach to the injury and release growth and healing factors. After the platelets are separated, they are injected directly into the injured area to speed up healing.


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