What Causes Facet Joint Hypermobility?

Best treatment for Osteoarthritis at Orlando

Suffering from Facet Joint Syndrome may be one of the most painful conditions to live with. That is why if you’ve been diagnosed with it, you’re probably searching for the best treatment for Osteoarthritis to help relieve your pain! Innovative Pain Solutions, an Orlando pain clinic, can provide the help you’ve been looking for. They have been treating patients in the Orlando area for years, and their expert doctors are here to make sure you have all of the information you need so you can find the best care out there!


How To Find The Best Treatment for Osteoarthritis

The first step in treating and dealing with your chronic pain is to understand what exactly you’re dealing with so you know precisely what you need to treat it. It goes beyond finding the best Orlando pain clinic you need to make sure that the treatment options they are offering will work to combat the pain you’re experiencing.


The facet joints in your body are the synovial joints located between each of the vertebrae in your spine. In each spinal motion segment, there are two facet joints, one on the left and one on the right. Each pair of these joints is there to guide and limit the motion and movement of the spine to protect it from injury or becoming displaced. Damage to the facet joint is one of the leading causes of neck, back, and thoracic spine pain that patients experience. These injuries are caused when the facet joint motion becomes stiff, which is known as hypomobility or when the joint movement has become excessive; this is known as hypermobility. This pain can happen because of the slow degeneration of the joint or because of uncontrolled motion. Some things that you may experience are locked facet joints, facet joint arthritis, bone spurs, joint capsule scarring, thickening, or shortening, or muscle spasms. Hypermobility is typically caused by some type of trauma or accident, including a fracture, dislocation, overstretched or torn ligaments, or finally Rheumatoid arthritis, which is a disease that slowly destroys the joints.


There are times when your facet joints can become locked. This can cause excruciating pain. This may happen because of a simple movement like a mild twist or just moving in a way that your body doesn’t expect. Doctors see this happen a lot when people trip or fall. Since your body isn’t expecting that to happen, it is prepared to move in the way you may need it to protect yourself. The joints become locked because its motion exceeds your muscle control.


Treating a locked facet joint is reasonably straightforward. Your doctor will conduct a physical exam that will help them determine whether or not your facet joint is locked. Once they have detected that it is locked, they will work to unlock it. Typically, a locked facet can be treated by using a painless joint releasing technique. After the joint has become unlocked, the next step would be to work on regaining your full range of motion as well as working on strengthening the muscles so future injuries can be prevented. Of course, every patient is different, so it’s important to give your doctor all of the details about your injury and pain.


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