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Is chronic pain interrupting your life? For many Americans, chronic pain is a part of their everyday reality. Unfortunately, patients often experience great difficulty finding long-term treatment plans that work. Innovative Pain Solutions is a medical clinic specializing in chronic pain management. At our Orlando location, we treat everything the patient needs, tackling complex medical issues from all sides. Although your life may revolve around your chronic pain now, there are some changes you can make today to start building a healthier tomorrow.  


Make Chronic Pain Management A Lifestyle Goal 

Living life under the storm cloud of chronic pain is not only physically debilitating – it’s mentally exhausting. You may harbor a lifetime’s worth of negative feelings, ranging from anger to guilt. The first step to better living is admitting those feelings and seeking support from friends and family. Often, admitting your feelings allows you to face the problem head-on, positioning you to make even more positive lifestyle choices further down the line. 


When deciding which lifestyle changes to make, it’s best to stick to realistic goals. Remember that you are looking to improve your life incrementally and then sustain those improvements over a lifetime. You are running a marathon, not a sprint. 


A Theory Of Chronic Pain 

Have you heard of Christine Miserandino’s “Spoon Theory” approach to pain management? In 2003, Miserandino wrote an essay chronicling her attempt to describe her chronic pain experience to a friend at a restaurant. She grabbed the spoons from nearby tables and gave some to her friend. The number of spoons represented how much energy she had on a given day. Each task she completed throughout the day required a certain number of spoons. Getting through her day required her to understand how many “spoons” she had and how much she needed to accomplish. She needed to budget wisely to avoid overexertion. 


As you begin to feel better, you may try to push yourself to accomplish more throughout the day. This may leave you depleted, running at a deficit tomorrow. Like an endurance athlete, you will need to build your stamina slowly. For now, you only have so many spoons. Respect your limits, so you don’t end up paying later. 


Make A Plan To Deal With Flair-Ups 

Pain flare-ups happen. Stay in control by creating a written plan to help yourself ahead of time. Step number one is remembering that pain flare-ups happen. Step two is considering what might have triggered the flair. Did you overtax yourself? Did you come into contact with an allergen? Have you been more stressed than usual?

Finally, have a plan to help you manage higher pain levels. Some things to include might be: 

  • Changes in regular activities
  • Relaxation skills
  • Heat or cold compresses
  • Short term medications


Contact Us  

Wherever you are on the path to chronic pain management, remember that you are not alone. Chronic pain is a complex medical issue, and you deserve a team of specialists trained in treating a broad spectrum of pain conditions. With a location in Orlando, FL, Innovative Pain Solutions provides treatment tailored to patients’ needs. Contact us today so that we can help you get back to your life as soon as possible! 

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