Epidural Spinal Injections Can Alleviate Pain From Herpetic Neuralgia

Herpetic Neuralgia Treatment in orlando

Herpetic neuralgia is the outcome of a complicated shingles case initially caused by a virus called varicella-zoster. The pain is distinctive because it persists even after the rash and blisters had gone away. Clinically, this lingering after-effect ache is known as postherpetic neuralgia; a chronic painful condition able to impact directly on nerve fibers and skin, making people vulnerable to the lightest of touches and sensations felt in the area where they had shingles, potentially leading to permanent nerve damage. A novel herpetic neuralgia treatment, designed to alleviate the devious, stinging, burning pain, is available in the pain relief specialized Orlando Pain Solutions. The team of the Orlando pain clinic uses the therapy to reduce the discomfort by applying epidural injections in the spinal region.


Causes of Herpetic Neuralgia


The condition is started by virus varicella-zosters (the same virus responsible for chickenpox). After the first rash is gone, reminiscent parts of the virus stay hidden in the nervous system until the circumstances are adequate to act again.


The reasons causing the virus to reactivate are not known yet.


Suspicions on the condition begin to manifest through inflammation, itching, and pain in the same region where it first appeared.


The diagnosis is typically made with a physical exam, conducted by the doctor to identify the boundaries of the affected area. Hardly ever specialized tests need to be conducted.



Herpetic Neuralgia Treatment


Complications in the condition of herpetic neuralgia could lead to fatigue, lack of sleeping, appetite, and focus.


As of today, the treatments of herpetic neuralgia are not definitive to grant the cure of the ache. The most common form of remedies includes prescribed medication (anticonvulsant, antidepressant, analgesics), prescribed patches for skin, and spinal cord stimulation.


A new emergent treatment has surfaced to encourage the healing statistics of herpetic neuralgia. This new therapy consists of injecting epidural in the spinal region to alleviate the excruciating pain.


If interested, this new therapy is available at the Orlando pain clinic. A medical facility equipped with high-end pain management specialists and medical equipment ready to help you lead a better life.


If the hurt without treatment is prolonged for longer than three months, the damage to the nerves could be chronic. If the injury surpasses a year without any treatment to diminish it, is potentially permanent.


Higher Risk of Contracting Herpetic Neuralgia


Studies have found people more susceptible to inherit in the future a case of herpetic neuralgia are those:


  • Older than 50 years of age, with a gendered tendency leaning towards women over men.
  • Had suffered from shingles: either chronically or had them located in the face or torso.
  • Have an already existing medical condition related to other diseases (like diabetes).


If you had shingles and didn’t treat it shortly after, between the first 72 hours, you’re also predisposed to suffer from herpetic neuralgia.



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