5 Signs You Suffer From Lumbar Facet Mediated Pain

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Any time you experience pain, you must have it examined and checked out because if pain remains untreated, it can become worse and possibly even permanent. Do not try and diagnose your own pain! This is one of the worst things you can do. Yes, do your research and use the internet to help guide you but don’t rely on the information you read. A lot of times websites have a button you can click to add or delete information which means anyone can say anything. Often times, this information isn’t true and you need to see a certified doctor to be diagnosed properly. Our specialists at Innovative Pain Solutions can help with back pain treatment.


Lumbar Facet Mediated Pain Symptoms


Facet joint pain is also referred to as facet joint syndrome. There are multiple facet joints in the body which are small joints behind and between each of the vertebrae in the spine that allow you to bend forward and backward while controlling twisting motions in the spine. Arthritis, everyday wear and tear, or even a single injury can damage your joints which in turn damages the joint’s cartilage and creates chronic and debilitating lower back pain. When does your facet joint pain become chronic? Your facet joint pain is considered chronic when you have been dealing with it for three months or longer. Your pain may occur on its own or from a combination of other lower back pains. Some symptoms and causes of lumbar facet mediated pain include:


  • Lower back pain- A dull ache on one or both sides of your lower back. Sometimes this pain may radiate into the leg.


  • Pain relieved by bending forward- pressure on the facet joints may be relieved when you bend forward into a position called spinal flexion. This can bring lots of relief to people experiencing lumbar facet pain.


  • Pain increases with standing- Standing may increase pressure on the facet joints which is why many people suffer from lumbar facet joint pain and may find that they cannot stand for long periods of time without pain.


  • Pain decreases with forward bending- Forward bending decreases pressure on the joints. Many people who suffer from this pain will find relief by bending forward at their waist.


How Is It Treated?


Luckily, at Innovative Pain Solutions, we can treat your lumbar facet pain! Some of the back pain treatment options include;


  • Medication- Your doctor may prescribe a course of treatment using medications called NSAIDs. NSAID is Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs. Common drugs that fall under this category are aspirin and ibuprofen.


  • Physical Therapy- A physical therapist may design a program specific to your pain that includes a massage, stretching exercises, and heat/ice therapy.


  • Fusion- If you are suffering from lumbar disc degeneration or other conditions along with lumbar facet joint pain, your doctor may perform a fusion. If you do not have any other issues pertaining to your pain aside from lumbar facet mediated pain, this may not be a treatment option for you.


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