Do They Prescribe Narcotics At A Dr. Phillips Pain Clinic?

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If you suffer from back problems, you know that the pain can be debilitating. Work and family life can suffer and daily activities that you once took for granted can become difficult. It’s tempting to treat your symptoms with narcotics alone. However, the professionals at our Doctor Phillips Pain Clinic recommend personal treatment based on individual needs and various modalities. In cases of extreme pain, prescription drugs will be combined with alternative pain relieving methods, though doctors warn that there are serious risks associated with narcotic use.

The Risks of Treating Pain With Narcotics

The doctors at our Doctor Phillips Pain Clinic warns there are several risks associated with prescribing and treating chronic pain with narcotics and many of them are quite serious.

  • Overdose
  • Impairment
  • Tolerance and Addiction
  • Further Injury
  • OIC

The biggest risk that comes with the use of narcotics is the possibility of overdose. Depending on the narcotic involved, the dosage, and other drugs you might be taking, it can be easy to accidentally overdose on prescription pain medication. The numbers of deaths associated with opioid overdose are climbing rapidly and many people point to prescription narcotics as a key factor.

The use of narcotic pain relievers can cause impairment of judgment and motor functions. Despite this fact, many people still drive their cars and go to work while under the influence of prescription opioids. This can lead to an increased chance of workplace injuries and car accidents.

When a patient uses a prescription narcotic to treat chronic pain for an extended period of time, they will find that their tolerance for the drug increases. This can lead to a patient taking more of the drug than prescribed and contributing to accidental overdose. Addiction is another serious side effect of long-term narcotic use and can have life-altering effects that can result in loss of job and even death.

Since the use of narcotic painkillers tends to only mask the pain of a back injury, patients on opioids are at an increased risk of overdoing it and causing more injury.

Opioid-Induced Constipation or OIC is another unpleasant risk of narcotic use. The chemicals in prescription painkillers can affect the digestive system and lead to extreme constipation which puts the patient at risk of bowel obstructions and tears, as well as causing a great deal of discomfort.

Benefits of Narcotics In Treating Chronic Pain

Though the list of negatives in relation to treating pain with narcotics is long, these drugs do have some positive effects on those who have extreme spinal pain. The physicians at Innovative Pain Solutions believe in treating the whole condition, including the use of narcotics in cases where they are necessary. In addition to alternative therapies, prescription pain medications can provide a more complete relief for those with extensive back issues.

At Doctor Phillips Pain Clinic, the approach to pain control considers the unique issues that each patient is suffering. There is no one size fits all cure to back pain and the professionals at Innovative Pain Solutions are here to listen to you. To schedule an appointment call us today at 407-284-1993 or visit our website


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