Stem Cell Therapy Is Used More & More To Avoid Back Surgery

Lower back pain relief in Dr. Phillips

Continuously searching for lower back pain relief can leave even the most optimistic patients feeling defeated and overwhelmed. Innovative Pain Solutions in Dr. Phillips understands this! Lower back pain makes it difficult to do a lot of things, even simple movements like getting up from your coach. That is why it’s time to consider stem cell therapy Orlando! Not many people want to undergo back surgery because of the sensitivity of the area and the recovery time that’s involved, which is why a lot of times people ignore their pain and just deal with it. However, now this innovative treatment can help change your world!

Try This New Treatment to Get Lower Back Pain Relief

Living with chronic lower back pain can be crippling. It can leave you feeling defeated and unable to move, which for many patients makes them miss out on a lot of activities. Trying to find some relief could easily become overwhelming too. There are a ton of available treatments, but a lot of times they are only temporary if they even work at all! A lot of people will avoid treatments at all because many times it may lead to surgery. That is why it’s time to look into the stem cell therapy Orlando natives rely on the most when they’re suffering from back pain!

Stem cell therapy can help relieve and even get rid of the lower back pain that is caused by degenerative diseases or disc injuries. More than eighty percent of the people in the United States suffer from lower back pain every single day. The degree of pain each person experiences changes daily and every year, but most of the time when someone starts experiencing this discomfort it never goes away it becomes a chronic lifetime problem.

Most of the time lower back pain is due to degenerative changes in the spine and the spinal discs. These degenerative changes are a result of the normal wear and tear that can occur, or they can be due to a traumatic injury that someone experiences. The reason lower back pain is such a hard thing to manage and get rid of is that unlike other tissue in the body that has a steady blood supply the spinal discs have a very low blood supply, so they don’t receive the nutrients and stem cells that are needed for repair and regeneration. Unfortunately, this means that once a disc is injured, it doesn’t have the ability to fix itself.

During stem cell therapy a doctor will collect stem cells from the bone marrow in your body and process them to separate the cells. Once they have been isolated they are harvested under fluoroscopic x-ray guidance and finally a surgeon will deliver them to the affected disc. Once the stem cells are injected, they will provide the nutrients needed to repair the damage that has been done.

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Innovative Pain Solutions in Dr. Philips provides the stem cell therapy Orlando locals trust the most. We pride ourselves on offering the treatments that can help our patients find lower back pain relief. If you’re in the area and looking for a doctor, who is up to date on all the research and technology that surrounds stem cell research and therapy call or visit today to learn how we can help cure your chronic pain.

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