Back Pain Treatment Is Commonly Sought After These 4 Exercises

Back Pain Treatment in Orlando

Back pain is one of the most common types of muscle aches suffered by adults. The nuisance is typically experienced after subjecting the body to an incorrect posture, resulting in mild to severe conditions, like a sprain, strain, hernia, and radiculopathy, to name a few. At Innovative Pain Solutions, we specialize in offering back pain treatment allocated to the specific kind of ailment you are suffering. We know how uncomfortable and limiting back pain can be, for that reason, we want you to be informed about the causes, consequences, and healing therapies available to get better. Remember, our Orlando pain clinic doctors are a well-respected and qualified team with the best disposition to diagnose and assess your case at our premises located in Orlando (actually Dr. Phillips).


Learn What Are the Most Common Causes of Back Pain, Limiting Physical Activities

People that have suffered from back pain know the condition generates an acute ache likely to disappear on its own after some time, which isn’t to say the aching lacks seriousness when it’s quite the opposite. It can leave the person incapacitated for a prolonged period, demanding absence from work or school, and requiring costly continuous therapies.


The leading causes of back pain trace back to:

  • Inflammatory diseases (arthritis and osteoporosis).
  • Disc misalignment, in the form of rupture (compression of discs) and degeneration (loss of integrity generated by the occurrence of rubbing between discs).
  • Hernia (bulging pressure on spinal nerves).
  • Muscle sprain or strain (affection of spinal ligaments).
  • Spinal stenosis (narrowing of the spine, pressuring the spinal cord and nerves).
  • Radiculopathy (damages on the spinal nerve root).
  • Fibromyalgia (a disorder that alters muscle functionality).
  • Occupational diseases.
  • Traumatic injuries (accidents, falls), and
  • Exercising, particularly after doing burpees, toe touches, situps, and deadlifts. 


How Can the Back Pain Treatment Relief & Calm the Ailment? 

The therapies involved in back pain relief change according to the nature of the ache. Our Orlando pain clinic doctors are focus on treating: 

  • Discogenic and degenerative disc pain, 
  • lumbar radiculopathy or sciatica,  
  • Lumbar facet mediated pain,
  • Sacral iliac joint mediated pain, and.
  • Lumbar spinal stenosis.


The goal is to stop the aggravation of the condition, starting with a complete scan and assessment before defining the customizable treatment.    


Try these Alternatives to Stop Getting Back Pain from Your Exercising Regime

When the root of the back pain is immersed in the physical activities done to be in good health and shape, the pain doctor introduces to the patient new routine alternatives that will get the same results, minus the ache.  Simply fantastic!

For instance, 


  • Burpees can be replaced by fast-paced work on an elliptical machine or treadmill,


  • Toe touches by a supine hamstring stretch, 
  • Situps by half-crunches, and
  • Deadlifts could become leg presses on a machine.


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Healing from back pain requires commitment and dedication to the back pain treatment, otherwise, the door’s open for the ailment to return. Visit Innovative Pain Solutions, our Orlando pain clinic, today! We are waiting in Orlando (actually Dr. Phillips) to help. 


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