Cheryl Landrith

They are dedicated to providing exceptional patient care utilizing a multi-disciplinary team approach to achieve the best possible outcomes. They monitor patient results from treatments provided and offer additional options and/or alternative plans when needed to achieve the most favorable outcomes. Every person from scheduler to assisting nurse work like a well oiled machine. I can’t say enough good stuff about this clinic. I have two fused big toes, and a herniated disk in my back. My husband also goes to Dr. Kalia. He has a triple disk fusion with a 4″ plate and his hip is bone on bone. He was military for 26 years. So he is pretty broken. We are both 48 and are young to be having this many issues. But we have lived life to the fullest. And Dr. kalia has given our lives back. We both no longer wake up wondering what’s going to hurt today. So I would strongly recommend this clinic.

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